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The sound and beauty of a Spanish classical guitar is something I’ve always loved and is what inspired me to begin building guitars.  Over a decade ago,  I studied drawings and plans from the great luthiers, Jose Romanillos, Antonio de Torres, Hermann Hauser, and began gathering tools and putting together a workshop.

I then started the construction of my first guitar using the historical methods of these masters.  After stringing my first instrument and hearing the sound for the first time,  I was hooked. I continued using traditional methods until I thoroughly learned these time-honored techniques.  As my woodworking skills developed and my understanding of how the construction of the guitar contributed to what I heard, my focus turned to my own designs.

My target objectives were  to improve the volume while preserving the tone and sonority of the traditional classical sound.  And to build accurately,  according to geometric design with clean fitting stress-free joints. My educational background , M.Sc. Colorado School of Mines and a Ph.D. in Physics from Texas Christian University, strongly contributed to my understanding of these properties of the guitar and were vitally important in helping me achieve these desirable features.

I live in Ardmore, Oklahoma.  If you want to know more about my guitars I would love to hear from you.